Jack-O-Balm (Special)



Herbal Balm for pets to restore skin problems with extra nourishing properties of Pumpkin Oil.


PET BALM, “Jack-O-Balm”

Special Ingredients: Pumpkin Oil


Developed from Thai traditional-herbal remedies to relieve skin issues, this Pet Balm is made 100% from natural ingredients to help reduce fungal infections, itch, rash and skin irritations caused by flea, mosquito bites or skin allergy.


Enhanced the nourishing power with Carob Seed extracts, chocolate substitution, enriched with Vitamin and Mineral benefitting skin and fur, combined with Pumpkin oil ingredient containing Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and other minerals to moisturize and restore the skin, hence the name “Jack-O-Balm” inspired by the famous Halloween pumpkin, “Jack-O-lantern” whose smile hides the remarkable goodness waiting to be discovered.

Suitable for:

> All pets such as dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, prairie dog, bird, sugar rider, raccoon, hedgehog etc.

> Pet with skin problems or skin allergies such as wounds, ulcer, leprosy, mold, yeast, and rash.

> Dry skin pets.

> Itchy skin.

> Long term health.

> Intensive Skincare


Main ingredients: Coconut oil, Virgin beeswax, Zingiber oil, Barleria oil, Herbal extracts



> Apply Pet Balm on dry skin, nose, rough elbows, paws, flea or mosquito bite areas or other skin problem areas.


> Use as often as necessary.

> Better clean with normal saline every 2-3 days before applying balm.

>Wash hand well before applying

> Cotton Bud is recommended to use with balm to avoid infection.


> External use only.

> Keep away from heat or direct sunlight.

> Although herbal balm is made from herbs and natural ingredients, please avoid direct contact with pet’s eyes, some herbs may cause eye irritation.

> Keep out of reach of children.

> With no preservative, over time may cause natural changes in color and scent for BOZZI balm. This neither affects the quality of the product nor causes any harm to the pet’s skin.

> Knowing that each animal has different allergy triggers, better test on small area and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

> This herbal balm may not be suitable for pets that are sensitive to some herbs or some plants.