- Made 100% from natural extracts
- Enhance immunity while nourishing skin and fur
- Reduce strong odor and cleanse pores
- Reduce risk for skin allergies and irritations
- Protect and restore skin infections from fungi or yeast
- Reduct itch and rash caused by skin allergies
- Soften fur without conditioner

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Various Herbs Shampoo for Dog

Enriched with nourishing and healing properties from various kinds of herbs, enhance immunity, leaving skin and fur healthy and moisturized which eliminates cause for itch as well as other skin issues, prevents body odor and flea with herbal scent. 
*May not be suitable for pets that are sensitive to some herbs or some plants.

Extra Mild Herbs Shampoo for Dog

Suitable for dogs with skin allergies towards environment or plants, or has hypersensitive skin that can be easily irritated. The ingredients selected are very mild but effectively nourish and protect skin from allergies in a long term. Bozzi Extra Mild Herbal Shampoo also leaves fur extra soft, hence can be used as conditioner for dogs with normal skin as well.