Classic Cat Shampoo to nourish skin and fur with natural collagen from Organic Aloe Vera.


Special ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera and Herbal Extracts

With benefit of natural collagen from organic Aloe Vera, this Bozzi Cat Classic shampoo helps soothing skin irritation, restores and moisturizes dry skin, heals scratched wounds from itch and skin allergy while also nourishing skin and fur with omega 3&6 combination. Recommended for cats as their scratching and licking behavior.

Suitable for:

> All cat breeds, normal to sensitive skin.

> Skin problem and hair fall.

> Strong odor problem.

> Preventing ticks and fleas without chemical.

> Long term health.

Main Ingredients: Virgin coconut oil, Neem, Stemonic, Rhinacanthus, Corn, Cassava, Vegetable extracts, Organic aloe vera

Bozzi’s unique quality

> Made from 100% Natural Extracts.

> Boosts immunity and moisturizes skin and fur.

> Reduces odor and cleanses clogged pores.

> Reduces skin allergy and irritation.

> Prevents and restores skin infection from fungus, yeast and mold.

> Diminishes itch and rash from skin allergy.

> Makes fur soft without conditioner.


> Clean excess dirt from fur with warm water.

prior to using shampoo, be particularly careful with face and ear area.

> Apply diluted Bozzi shampoo all over pet’s body while avoiding the eye area.

> Massage gently through the coat.

> Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes.

> Rinse well with water.

> Repeat and blow dry if necessary.


> External use only.

> Keep away from heat or direct sunlight.

> Although shampoo is made from herbs and natural ingredients, please avoid direct contact with pet’s eyes, some herbs may cause eye irritation.

> Keep out of children’s reach.

> With no preservative, over time may cause natural changes in color and scent for BOZZI shampoo. This neither affects the quality of product nor causes any harm to pet’s skin.

> As each animal has different allergy triggers, it is recommended to test on small skin area, and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

> This herbal shampoo may not be suitable for pets that are sensitive to some herbs or some plants.